An Emergency Evacuation Diagram is actually a device which displays the floor plan of a facility with a symbol showing where the person is in the diagram.

It also provides Evacuation and Emergency info to guide occupants of:

  • Where they are spatially in a facility as indicated by the ‘You are here’ sign, and how to escape an emergency through the safest emergency exit.
  • Where the fire equipment, such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants, MCP’s, WIP’s, Exits, Egress paths, Fire blankets, FIP, etc. is, about where they are standing at the ‘You are here’ point.
  • Where the Assembly area is in relation to the facility, which also shows the egress paths from the facility to the Assembly area.

Evacuation diagram is required for most buildings since it demonstrates the Site Plan (showing the Assembly region as well as egress paths in the building) and the Emergency Procedures to go by. Emergency evacuation plan diagram must also have a concise and clear Legend describing what the symbols implemented on the diagrams are actually.

Very simply, the diagrams are able to save lives. It’s likely that some individuals won’t have the ability to deal with the pressure that the emergency situation creates, and therefore will, sadly, forget everything the Emergency Training has trained them, therefore dropping into a panic. These diagrams, together with the assistance of the various other staff members that are even more in command of themselves, may help the panic-stricken person get to safety and prevent injury.

FCF Fire & Electrical Fire Evacuation Diagram Sample

At the end of the day, the evacuation diagrams demonstrate where you are within a facility and how to escape to the nearest and safest point of exit that will lead you to the appointed Assembly area for a successful evacuation.

It is equally up to the people in the building or facility to make sure they are well-aware of the information provided by the diagram. They need to also keep conscious of the place that the fire stair exits, extinguishers, along with other fixed fire accessories are actually located within their facility in case activating an alarm or perhaps extinguishing a tiny fire is needed.

Because of this, General and First Response education is also a necessity for all workers within a facility under the Standards and Regulations. In case your organization needs assistance in improving your emergency evacuation diagrams or perhaps would like us to go through the compliance of your current diagrams, please feel free to contact FCF Fire and Electrical Salisbury.