Fire Extinguishers

Supply, Maintenance & Installation of Fire Extinguishers

FCF Fire and Electrical Salisbury can help your business ensure the correct fire extinguishers are installed. We can visit your work site and advise on the quantity, type and placement of fire extinguishers. We also provide and install the correct signage as according to Australian Standards.

If your Salisbury business needs any assistance with Fire Extinguishers contact us and get a free quote today.

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Different Types of
Fire Extinguishers

In Australian there are 6 main Classes of fire extinguishers. Each of these types are used for certain types of fire. We can help ensure your Salisbury business has the right type of fire extinguisher installed according to the risks and hazards of your work environment.

For help with the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers for your Salisbury busienss, contact FCF Fire and Electrical today.

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CLASS A Fire Extinguisher

Class A fire extinguishers are used for fires from paper products, fabrics, wood based products and plastics.

CLASS B Fire Extinguisher

Class B fire extinguishers are for fires caused by flammable or combustible liquids such as chemical – based products.

CLASS C Fire Extinguisher

These are for fires started by flammable gasses.

CLASS D Fire Extinguisher

These are designed to extinguish fires from combustable metals.

CLASS E Fire Extinguisher

These extinguishers are for fires caused by an electrical current also known as electrical fires.

CLASS F Fire Extinguisher

These extinguishers manage fires caused by cooking oils and fats.