Do you have a failed or burnt out exit lights in your building? All emergency & exit lights need to be in working order, to comply with Australian Standard AS22931 replace the entire exit light fixture. Ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety obligations inspect emergency and exit lighting according to Australian Standards, employees have a legal ‘Duty of Care’ to ensure that Emergency and Exit Lights work adequately, in case of a power outage, or fire emergency, so individuals are able to quickly exit their way out of the building.

Emergency lighting is required by every building. In an office, a church, a school, or other structure where individuals spend time, proper emergency illumination must be in place. The role of emergency lighting is to provide secondary illumination in the event that the power supply to the building’s main lighting is interrupted, Exit lights are only activated when a fire or power cuts the electricity.

Such backup lighting enables individuals to exit the building as safely and quickly as possible, Thus, replacing burnt out exit lights is important as individuals use these lights to exit an area as well as the fire brigade to find a safe passage out while fighting a fire. It is vital that all emergency lights and exit lights requirements have been complied according to Australian Standard AS22931.

Benefits of Having Emergency & Exit Lights Professionally Installed

fire exit light panel inspection

The replacement of emergency lighting requires a complex mounting process that is more demanding than it appears. Which is not the type of job that an average person should attempt to complete without the assistance of an experienced and licensed professional. It is wiser to rely on the expertise of a professional lighting specialist. Every member of our FCF Fire & Electrical Salisbury team understands the implication of safety procedures, Thus only our licensed electricians are allowed to remove and replace exit and emergency lighting.

Our licensed electrician will ensure that these lights are sufficiently connected to the breaker and tripped before the actual replacement process begins. By doing this, there will be no possibility for an electrocution or shock. Our licensed electrician will also ensure that the lighting levels are adequate.

The distribution, quality as well as the path of emergency lighting are all significantly important to enhance visibility in the event of a power outage or fire emergencies. Improper replacement can lead to a disaster in which individual are not provided with an illuminated path to the closest exit. In addition, the appropriate replacement of emergency lighting is going to assist fire brigade, building occupants and other critical personnel.

emergency light installation preparation

FCF Fire & Electrical Salisbury performs regular exit lights replacement as well as working at heights to replace exit and emergency lights. FCF Fire & Electrical Salisbury safely completes this job by using specialized personal lifting equipment to ensure safety of the worker and also the safety of the general public. Licensed electricians are required to remove and replace exit and emergency lighting.

Emergency lighting have to be fitted in a precise manner, that is the reason why business owners have been trusting FCF Fire & Electrical Salisbury. The replacement method involves connecting the building’s power wiring so it can gauge when the power supply is out. A proper replacement is going to ensure that emergency lighting receives a timely signal to turn on and supply a minimum of ninety minutes worth of backup power during a power outage.

emergency lights installation

If you are in need of emergency & exit lights we are the company to call for emergency and exit lighting replacement! One of the main reasons business owners have been trusting FCF Fire & Electrical Salisbury is because we are a one-stop shop for all your fire protection services needs. When you choose our skilled and licensed team at FCF Fire & Electrical Salisbury, you can rest easy knowing you have professionals by your side. We have designed and replaced countless emergency lighting systems in businesses throughout Salisbury.