Restaurants have stoves and ovens which could cause grease or cooking fire in the kitchen. Electrical circuits or wiring can readily catch fire and spread quickly. There are numerous fire hazards that exist in every restaurant. It is important to be prepared and have adequate fire alarms in place. Properly installed and operating fire alarms for restaurants can help in several areas especially the critical zones in restaurants like the kitchen.

Benefits of Having a Fire Alarm:

  • Customers and staff are quickly alerted to a fire hazard and can take action to get to safety.
  • Damage to property can be minimized if the fire is extinguished quickly.
  • Smoke damage in addition to fire damage can be minimized.
  • Injuries and potential fatalities can be avoided with a fire alarm system.
  • Restaurants will be in compliance with Australian laws and regulations concerning fire alarms.

You will find various types of fire alarms that can be used depending on the specific requirements of the Restaurant. Some alarms can be wired into the building and use an electrical circuit. These alarms usually have a battery backup. Other alarms can run exclusively on battery power. In any case, all alarms should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are functioning properly.

To properly equip a Restaurant with fire alarms a few measures need to take place:

Fire Systems Check

  • A fire safety audit must be performed to identify the types of fires and most likely areas for fires to occur.
  • Existing fire detection systems must be evaluated and tested.
  • Locations of fire alarms should be assessed and correct placement should be used.
  • Extra alarms could be required in order to properly alert customers using both an audible alarm as well as a visual strobe alarm.
  • Check that the alarms contact local fire responders in a timely manner.

Fire alarm systems are the first response system for alerting staff and customers to a fire or emergency situation. As such, installing and keeping your fire alarm system in proper working order is crucial for keeping everyone inside your restaurant safe at all times. Keeping your restaurant’s fire safety to its highest standards is a great customer acquisition strategy.