Anyone designing a school building or refurbishing a school should place sprinkler systems at the heart of all their school design plans. Schools with fire sprinkler systems have fewer damages from fires than in facilities without it.

When included in a school’s building fire safety plans, fire sprinkler systems will provide school fire protection and cost savings while allowing schools to meet and exceed their fire and safety design requirements for schools. One of the most life and property saving systems used within the fire protection industry is a fire sprinkler system, thus all schools should have them.

How do fire sprinkler systems work?

A fire sprinkler system functions by being triggered by the extreme heat made by a fire. This particular process consists of a selection of sprinkler heads, each with a glass bulb connected to the piping, which in turn depends on the size of the structure, might be hooked up to an electric pump or perhaps might be exclusively plumbed into the main water supply.

A fire sprinkler system is an active fire safety device, which means that once the temperature gets to a particular level the fire sprinkler system will instantly activate, dousing the region with a consistent supply of water until the system is turned off.

How can fire sprinkler systems help your School?


school fire sprinkler inspection

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Fire sprinklers are incredibly helpful to schools in several ways that could help you save money over time. First of all, losing everything in a fire is actually a devastating blow to any school. Furthermore, studies show that 90% of fires that occur in which there is an automatic fire sprinkler system put in and correctly maintained, the fires had been controlled as well as caused little injury and damages.

Of course, there is water damage from the sprinklers. Nevertheless, the price pales in comparison to what would take place in the instance of an uncontrolled fire rummaging through your school.

Installing and Maintaining Fire Sprinkler Systems


installing fire sprinkler at school

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Testing and maintenance of the fire sprinkler system is of an extremely high priority. Now that you know what fire sprinkler systems are and how they can help your school, the next step is having them professionally installed and maintained by registered and highly experienced professionals. Utilising this option can make your school safer for your students and your employees.

It’s essential that all fire sprinkler system installed in your school be regularly checked to ensure it is fully functioning. This is also important for both the safety and compliance of your School. Hiring a trained and certified professional for fire equipment maintenance is the way to go.